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Birthday in flagstaff

Kate’s birthday. Since we decided against Vegas, we stayed in a campground in Flagstaff and found us some birthday stuff. I think she had a good time; we did laundry, she talked to her family on Skype, which I knew she was dying to do. We caught up on Wimbledon, the World Cup, Rolf Harris trial and found out Cheryl Cole has a new husband. I really hope that works out well. Good luck Cheryl.

We had an argument. I feel awful about this as it was her birthday and I’ve apologised. This just makes it public. It was stupid. She wanted to put the clean sheets on the bed. I wanted to wait till later. Kate won. It was her birthday after all and I was a grumpy shit for two hours. Sorry Kate. It was your birthday, I had no right to be a grumpy shit. It rained a little! Best present ever! It was windy and although it was about 31 degrees, it felt so much cooler. We even got a thunder storm. We went in search of food that was not a burger or hot dog, which seems to be in vogue here and found a little international restaurant. We had chicken, proper chicken! Not chicken chunks, or chicken strips, but chicken breast and it was stuffed with bacon! Cake. Kate had free birthday cheesecake! It even said happy birthday!

Now we were fat, we went to see a film; Tammy. It’s good, you should go see it. It’s a silly comedy, but it spoke to us (I know, “spoke to us” but it actually did). SPOILERS!! Tammy is getting divorced and takes a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother, it is a comedy, honest. In it, someone tells her to get her act together and work out what she wants. That lady may as well have been speaking to us. We have no idea what we want, me especially. We’ve decided to live together when we get back, but where or when is still to be decided. Kate can always go be a nurse. I really like blogging, but that’s not gonna pay the bills. I think I’d be a good paralegal.

So Flagstaff was good to us. On our way out we realised Ceaser the van had an amber check engine light. FFUUCCKKK! All sorts of things were running round our heads. We were obviously going to break down in the desert and die. If we didn’t check it that would definitely happen, we thought. Off we went to a convenient ford garage. Jim, an overweight fifty-ish sales guy, saved us. He was so lovely. While they were super busy and didn’t actually have space for three days, he checked it himself there and then, as he didn’t want us to die in the desert. It was a low tyre. No big deal and he pumped it up! For free! Thank you Jim. I hope it wasn’t because it was really windy and I accidentally flashed you when my top blew up. Either way, thanks Jim. In other news, we accidentally stole one and a half cinnamon whirls with the check out lady, Shelisa’s, “discount”.


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