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My birthday bucket list

I just recently celebrated my 36th birthday and I have to admit I don’t feel any different. I don’t mind aging as long as each new year brings something exciting or fulfilling. Looking back on the past 36 years, I can honestly say that I am very proud of my achievements. Like anyone else, I have also had many setbacks that have humbled me but those setbacks make the successes so much sweeter.

When I was I younger, I always thought that people who were unhappy with their careers and their lives, had only themselves to blame. A naïve thought of an early 20s mind but there is some truth in that assessment. How often do we sit around and talk about the things we are going to do? We have the best of intentions but nothing we aspire to do ends up getting accomplished. That is where we fail ourselves. Things to achieve can and should be realized.

I always remind myself that I have only one lifetime, one chance, to fulfill my dreams. I never want to waste this life settling for less than what makes me happy or what fulfills my personal aspirations. When I reflected on the last 36 years of my life, I could honestly say that I achieved most of the goals I have set for myself. However, I believe it is important to keep setting goals and constantly challenge myself. Inspired by a fellow blogger, I decided to make a bucket list of 30 things that I would like to achieve before my next birthday. The hardest part was coming up with 30 things. Some things on the list are going to be more difficult than others but the fun is in trying. The clock is ticking and I am excited to challenge myself to check off most, if not all, of the things on the list. Have a look at my list. What would your bucket list include?

1. Write a novel

2. Apply for a Ph.D. program

3. Visit the Andalusia region of Spain

4. Become proficient in Spanish

5. Complete a TEFL course

6. Learn how to make wine

7. Take an art class

8. Start my own jewelry design business

9. Start an online magazine

10. Publish a research article

11. Visit Venice, Italy

12. Visit Lisbon, Portugal

13. Take a road trip through Ireland

14. Lay a rose at the Titanic Memorial

15. Actively participate in a charity

16. Volunteer with a social services or human rights organization

17. Take a fencing class

18. Move back to the US

19. Create an app

20. Sign up for yoga classes

21. Visit Germany with my parents

22. Take Cian to Disney World

23. Learn how to make pasta

24. Go to an American football game

25. Try glass blowing

26. Buy and restore a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

27. Pet a koala bear

28. Go to an international conference on any topic

29. Take up a lecturing post

30. Dance and sing with a street performer


  • Terri Brown Terri Brown says:

    great minds think alike. I started my list back in July and my article 30 things before i’m 30 went live this morning. Looks like we have a few similar items :)

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