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Birth: why women rock

Yesterday, I spent the day with a labouring woman and her husband – from those first, milder contractions through to cuddling their new baby.

We paced and rocked and breathed through contractions, we climbed stairs and wandered corridors. We sat, we stood, we swayed.

Women are bloody amazing – my client found energy she didn’t think she had, she let her body move as it needed to, she rode each one of those big, powerful contractions with calm breathing and she kept going when she thought she couldn’t.

I saw beauty and strength, I saw a woman’s body working hard to bring┬áher her baby, I saw a woman go with her instincts and do what felt right, I saw a woman who was sometimes scared take reassurance and comfort from those all around her.

My client was simply amazing and it was a privilege to see her bring her baby into the world. So is this one of the things that makes women so incredible?

Where do we harness the extra reserves of strength and commitment from, when we most need them? Do we all have a secret stash of determination and drive? The answer is, of course, yes and guiding women through birth is a constant reaffirmation of this fact.

If we think about the process of birth, it is almost inconceivable that women could endure such an ordeal and yet every day, millions do and every day, millions more make the decision to try for a baby, knowing this process will have to occur.

With unparalleled energy and strength, women are a force to be reckoned with and that’s why we rock.


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