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No big deal

Today is my 22nd birthday.

As a child birthdays were amazing mostly because of the cake, I mean the presents were great but the cake was the main event. But now I am not a child anymore as I said I am 22 years old and the idea of a birthday bores the hell out of me, although cake is still pretty much a big deal.

I find birthdays to be a day of Facebook notifications, people telling you that it all goes ‘downhill from here’ and waiting endlessly for a surprise French bulldog puppy that doesn’t come.

I find it fundamentally strange that some people take up a whole weekend to celebrate their birthday, I mean who do these people think they are? I have to spend my whole weekend dedicated to one person because it just so happened that they were born on that day! No thank you.

This year my wonderful mother gave me the best present I’ve had in years in the form of a cake recipe book, which includes the recipe for Red Velvet cake (good god). For the last couple of months I have got my bake on because it is my new goal in life to be on the ‘Great British Bake Off’ , maybe not next year as I don’t think I ready yet but I swear 2016 will be my year !

Going back to the whole birthday drama I think my main issue is that I think it’s mainly that people tend to get a little bit overly excited about their birthdays and I don’t anymore, I see it for what it is. It’s just another day but with a hint of getting older.



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