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“The Best Man Holiday”: Beautiful and Bittersweet!!

What do you think about “The Best Man Holiday”? I thought that it was as real as a movie can get. The real life situations, depicted in this movie are surprisingly captured without the benefit of sugar-coating. Okay, I know I sound as if I am being redundant? But, I can’t get away from the feeling of “awe”. From being best friends (male and female) to being enemies and then back again. I enjoyed it more than I did the first part. Whoever cast the movie was right on target. Each person portrayed their character to its fullest potential. And the men, OMG! TOO DAMN GOOD LOOKIN’ FOR THEIR OWN GOOD! I mean you have (in no particular order, just listing them) Morris Chestnut, Terence Howard, Taye Diggs, Harold Perrineau, and Eddie Cibrian. And, of course, the lovely ladies; Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall, Monica Calhoun, and Melissa DeSousa. I mean think of the relationship between all of them. Every situation was a real-life situation that we all have gone through one way or another.

I mean, how real does it get when Mia is found to have cancer and Jordan didn’t know it until the weekend of the holiday? I mean, it’s true that Mia and Lance had not shared the information with anyone else, but can you imagine how she felt being the best friend to Mia? Then you have the situation with Candace and Shelby (pure drag-out fight). This was an episode waiting to happen. It even showed the dynamics of Shelby’s relationship with her daughter.

And, Ladies, wasn’t it harsh when Jordan told Brian that she didn’t need him? I felt totally heart-felt for him at that moment. The number one rule is that men need to feel needed by their significant other. Another relationship dynamic to mention is the feeling of inadequacy that Robyn was made to feel because of the way Harper’s relationship and feelings towards Jordan. One thing he was lacking on his side. For all of his keeping everything close to the vest didn’t allow her to face that head-on. If you recall, she had the same problem in the first “The Best Man” and I thought she would have been good because they did get married. But, nope, once again, Parker was secretly dealing with Jordan on their level (lightly flirtatious).

Then there was the relationship between Harold and Candace, the fact that everyone else seen and heard about her past (sex video) before he had the nerve to even discuss it with her first. And, when the shit hit the fan, it was because she had found out from a different source instead of him. Yes, I would have been very upset as well. Luckily for Julian, she loved him and decided to give him a second chance.

And the main relationship situation was between Lance and Harper. Once again, Lance felt that he couldn’t trust Harper. Harper was always secretive with his dealings. So, to having to write his second novel, he had to do an autobiography of Lance. And, instead of him telling Lance about it in the first place, Lance had to accidentally find out on his own, which made it that much more difficult to trust Harper. It took tragedy and the birth of Harper’s and Robyn’s baby to bring their friendship back. An opportunity to relay their foundation and build it back up from there.

The fun, teasing, keep things light, relationship came from that of Quentin’s and Shelby’s off and on again; both sexual tension and “getting together”. One thing that I picked up on was his ability to observe the interaction that Shelby had with her daughter, as well as himself not being afraid to interact with Shelby’s daughter.

And, finally, the ending of the movie: Quentin calling his boys to tell them he’s getting married. WOW! What do you think: will it be to Shelby in the next installment? You be the judge.

And, was I forever crying by this time. The water faucet just wouldn’t shut off. A beautiful and yet, bittersweet, movie that I would recommend to everyone and one I plan to add to my DVD library. And, yes, DVD; I’m not up to the Blu-Ray stage yet. This is just a synopsis of mine for that well-casted, well-directed movie:” The Best Man Holiday”. If you haven’t experienced it yet, please go out and rent/buy it. You won’t be sorry!


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