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Bee Good Skincare: beauty product review

The company Bee Good‘s philosophy is that they ‘harness the centuries-old healing powers of British honey, propolis and beeswax in an innovative range of products designed to make a real difference to your skin’ and make a difference it has!

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I love how passionate they are about looking after local bees and the countryside in general as it is so important not only now but in the future. Imagine for a second, a life with no countryside, no green fields, no flowers, trees and no bees… depressing isn’t it! That’s why I wholeheartedly support Bee Good. I am a huge fan of honey products and I tend to use honey an awful lot because it makes my skin feel great. I also drink cinnamon, honey and hot water before I go to bed to help detox my body and as an added bonus, it boosts your immune system too!

I very kindly got sent the Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser & the Honey, Borage & Echium Intensive Hand Repair both of which smell delicious and I couldn’t wait to give them a try. 

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The cream cleanser comes with a muslin cloth and is very simple to use. Because it is a cream cleanser you don’t actually have to use water with it which is great after a night out or in the morning when you don’t have a lot of time. You simply massage it into your skin, use the cloth and voila, a fresh, clean face. The smell is so soothing and fresh, perfect to use before you go to bed to get you in that chilled out mood. My face felt amazing afterwards, so silky and soft! I then went ahead and used the intense hand cream which also smells wonderful. You can really feel it getting into your skin and my hands felt hydrated, even in the morning after using it the night before.

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I just love the whole concept of Bee Good. You even get a special piece of paper inside every order which you can plant in your garden to grow wild flowers, how sweet is that! Not only can you order their products online, but Bee Good is also available from selected Waitrose stores nationwide and Fenwick Tunbridge Wells so now you know where you can get your hands on these wonderful products and help support the bumble bees!

They have a wonderful gift set available here ready to treat your loved ones this Christmas.  All products can be found on their website http://beegood.co.uk/.

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company)


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