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Beauty & The Norm

I’m 5 foot 2 and a size 10-12. The average female height in the UK is 5 foot 4 and the average female clothes size for the UK is a size 14-16 which makes me below average. However, there are still a lot of women who are shorter and smaller than the average. Why are we not being represented?

I did some research into modelling. The ‘normal’ models we see in the media are at least 5 foot 8 and a UK size 4! Most catalogue models are only a size 8! I don’t think I have seen anyone that small and tall in public which makes me think that they certainly do not represent a large percentage of the female population.

The plus size modelling industry has become very popular in recent years, which is brilliant! Finally, lots more body shapes are being represented and it’s making average sized women feel sexier and less pressured. Some toy makers are even looking at making plus size Barbie dolls! However, I looked at a lot of plus size model’s profiles and they are still all above average height, all 5 foot 8 and above.  Are short women not seen as sexy enough to make it in the modelling world? It may be so that none of the outfits are too long but why can’t dresses and trousers etc. be made shorter? There are a lot of short women to be catered for in the fashion world.

I also looked at a whole bunch of plus size modelling agencies and guess what? All of the ones I looked at class plus size as a size 14 or above. However, most general modelling agencies only hire size 8’s and below. So what about the size 10 and 12 girls?!

One designer, Maria Grachvogel, was forced to downsize her 2011 autumn collection. Maria originally wanted to use size 10 models but size 10 models are in such short supply she was forced to use size 8s. All she wanted to do was show that her fashion fitted ‘normal sized women’.

So, why is it that people aren’t willing to use us shorter size 10/12 ladies? I know a lot of girls who are SO attractive that would easily make it in the modelling industry if agencies, designers, catalogues etc. just gave them a chance! If I had the business knowledge, the money and the contacts, I think I would be very happy to set up a modelling agency which any size model could sign up to. After all, I believe everyone has the potential to be a model. All you need is a dash of confidence and a great personality to deal with the hardships that come with it. I don’t think stretch marks, symmetry or big boobs should make a difference as to whether you can model. You’re a real woman and that’s what real women want to see.

I hate the amount of airbrushing and Photoshopping that goes on in print. I use Photoshop on my photographs to edit lighting and remove background etc. but doing my research into it I have seen some horrors! Photo editors are removing fat, changing skin colour, elongating legs and even making feet smaller. WHY?! The person they originally photographed was very pretty and real looking and they make her into some plastic looking doll!

Just take a look at this video I found on YouTube. It’s shocking.

Photoshop Transformation

Not only do these manipulations affect us women and how we perceive our bodies but it makes men think that that’s normal too! Some men claim to be repulsed by things such as stretch marks which over 70% of women have. They are more than normal.

I want to see a revolution in the modelling world in the next few years. I don’t want my children growing up feeling bad about them self or thinking the images they see is what is actually expected.

What’s your verdict?


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