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Beauty life hacks

Health and beauty is not something often taught in schools, and not everyone has a mother or older sister to show them the little cheats in life to make beauty just that little bit easier. When in a rush for work or out for a night out, you just want to look perfect; Why not try a few of the cheats here:

Create a perfect kiss

Simply first draw an ‘X’ on your top lip before then doing the rest of your lips as normal to create a cupids bow. Why not further the look by using a little highlighting powder around your lips to make them really pop. To make the lipstick last all day or night; after you have applied your chosen lipstick hold a tissue over your lips and dust with a translucent powder through the tissue.  To make sure that no lipstick gets on your teeth, simply stick your finger in your mouth before pulling it out; the excess product will then stick to your finger and not your teeth.

Hair, glorious hair

No time to get your hair cut but still not wanting split ends? It’s a common problem for most women to deal with at some point in their life; simply split your hair into sections, twisting one at a time tightly. Any bits you see sticking out and the tips of the twists simply snip them to get rid of the split ends and leave your hair looking fresh and natural. Not having time for a shower due to working late and having to be up again so very early the next day is a problem but one so easily fixed. Simply apply dry shampoo the night before (not the morning of) in order to make your hair feel and look clean and fresh. For those with curled hair and needing help to tame the frizz, try using a t-shirt rather than a towel to dry your hair. It will be softer and kinder to your curls, keeping them bouncy and frizz free. The weather too hot or just needing that professional look, in four simple steps you can have a top knot within the luxury of your own car.

1. Gather your hair up into a high ponytail at the top of your crown. Secure with an elastic.
2. Divide the ponytail ends into two sections and use both hands to twist each section down to the ends.
3. Wrap each twist in opposite directions around the base of your elastic. Make sure each twist is wrapped around evenly.
4. Secure with bobby pins.

Make do and mend

Don’t throw that make up away for something new just bring new life back to your favourite make up. Old nail polish may go a little congealed and gloopy but do not worry, simply plunge the bottle into a glass of hot water and it will go running once again so you can pain those nails with no worries. Mascara can be saved in just the same way but if you have ran out of your favourite expensive mascara; simply reuse your mascara brush. Much of what you are paying for when buying expensive mascara is the brush, so save yourself some money by reusing your old brush. All you have to do is clean it off and reuse with a similar effect mascara. Dropped and smashed your blusher in its pot? Do not despair simply add a few drops of sterile saline solution and smooth it over with a knife.  Thinking you have ran out of foundation? There is more there than you think. Using mineral foundation; simply pop open the bottom with a coin and use what is left. Liquid foundation more your? Simply cut open the tubes and scrape out the product inside, simple. There is always much more left inside.

Sparkle with ease

Everyone likes a little sparkle in their life and on their nails but rather than trying to find the perfect sparkly nail polish why not make your own. Simply apply a clear base coat and then sprinkle over some eye shadow pigment or any other glitter that you may have before applying a top coat. Glitter polish can be a real pain to remove but not with this little trick. Apply a thin coat of PVA glue before applying the glitter polish and then removal will be done with great ease.  To remove any stains that might be on your nails, from bright coloured polish, simply squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of warm water and soak your nails. The acid will start breaking down that undesirable polish stain upon your nails. Worst nightmare, after having taken all that time to paint your nails a perfect piece of artwork is to have your nail break or crack to where you cannot cut it down to. Try taking a piece of tea bag paper, cut into the shape of your nail. Place it over a wet basecoat and trim the excess then apply another base and a topcoat. This will give that nail some extra strength.

Eyes that can stop a man in his tracks

Bags are the bane of a woman’s life, wanting to look fresh and vitalised rather than warn out, tired and sickly. There are many ways to combat those horrid bags and create the refreshed look, why not try using orange primer under your concealer to cancel out the blue. To cover up those dark circles apply the concealer in a triangle shape from the eye not little dots to be blended. Why not add a little more sparkle and life by using a little highlighting powder around the eye area and along the nose. Sometimes eye shadow can lack lustre so why not colour your entire lid with white eyeliner before your colour to make it pop. When going for the dramatic winged look, draw the outline of the shape desired and then simply fill it in; perfect every time. Need a little extra help in creating that winged look, simply use the edge of a teaspoon against your lid to make that perfect flick. Why not forgo eye shadow completely by instead crosshatch gel liner onto lids before blending for a long-lasting budge-proof look. When blending your eye shadow or even the gel liner, use two brushes; one to apply and a clean one to blend. This will avoid making the colours look too muddy. A warm eyelash curler works better than a cold one, simply keep between your breasts or thighs but for those in a hurry simply warm with a hair dryer for a couple of seconds. When applying your mascara sweep the brush towards your nose, not towards your temple in order to create a perfect lash look. And to avoid those horrid mascara smudges on your lid simply take a spoon to guard the area, leaving your eyes gorgeous and smudge free.

And out the house we go

Give yourself a little extra time and check your make up in the car before your arrive. The different light source will expose any mistakes you may have missed in your bedroom.  For a long lasting perfume scent there are certain places it will stay all day; behind the ear, inside wrist, base of throat, inside elbow and behind the knee.

So don’t stress and panic when it comes to beauty any longer, these cheats will see you through almost anything. Quick, easy and fool proof for anyone and everyone. No more fears, no more worry just beauty.


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