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It is remarkable how we can go through the motions of the day without a conscious thought or reflection as to how it shaped us or how we made an impact. I changed my career so I could make some small measure of difference in the lives of the children am I privileged to work with every day. I know some days it is a struggle to hold your head up and stay positive. We all have our dark days and often want to wallow in fear, failure and hopelessness but even in despair and sorrow, we can help heal and uplift others. Often, the lives we touch will resonate to others we have never met. This rang true during a chance encounter I had recently.

It was pouring rain so I thought I would splurge on a taxi to the ballet. If you ask anyone, you would find that it pains me to pay for a taxi when I can walk for free but that’s an issue for a different day.

The taxi driver showed up and we both shared a few typical comments about the weather. Usually that’s where the conversation ends. The driver, Roy, went on to say he just returned to work after he collapsed from vertigo. He proceeded to explain the condition and how it affects him personally but he kept saying, “There could be worse things.”

He told me about a CEO he had recently driven to the airport. He overheard the man’s phone conversation about his young son having surgery to remove his colon. The CEO was speaking with the doctors but had to travel for business so he wasn’t at the hospital to be with his son before the surgery. Roy said on the way to airport he passed the cemetery buy nolvadex aus where his mother is buried and he said a little prayer when he passed like he always does. Shortly after Roy said the prayer, the CEO told Roy that he didn’t want to go to airport. He told Roy to take him to the hospital instead. Roy dropped the man at the hospital and drove on.

A few weeks later, the CEO rang Roy to pick him up for a dinner meeting. When Roy arrived at his house, the man told his wife to come outside. He told her that Roy was the man he was talking about. Roy said he didn’t know what the couple meant but then the CEO told his son to come out. The 7-year-old boy came out and said hello to Roy. Apparently, the same day that Roy said the prayer, the boy’s condition began to improve and he didn’t need the surgery. The CEO and his wife thought that the prayer changed things for the better and wanted to share that with Roy. The CEO and Roy are still in touch and the boy is undergoing treatment and doing much better.

I thought my rainy taxi excursion to the ballet was going to be mundane and uneventful but there was an amazing story to discover. In just 15 minutes, I got a glimpse into someone else’s life altering experience. You just never know what paths may cross and why. The story was not intended to promote religion or spirituality but, rather, to offer self-reflection and to redirect your focus from work, finances, and other daily stressors to a simple moment of kindness or generosity that has an immeasurable and lasting effect on someone else. What impact will you make today?


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