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Batkid Begins

An epic story of the most elaborate wish ever granted…

When I was a kid, I always dreamt of being a superhero. Batgirl, Supergirl, eventually Buffy, but my imagination could only stretch so far before I realised superheroes don’t exist. Not like this anyway. But one boy’s dream of being a superhero actually came true, with a little help from the city of San Francisco and an army of volunteers.

On November 15th, 2013, San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City. Super villains Penguin and the Riddler joined forces, tied damsels onto train tracks, robbed banks, planted ticking bombs across the city and took the cities football mascot hostage. Gotham needed help, superhero help and the Chief of Police made an appeal for Batman and Batkid to save the day. Batkid was actually Miles Scott, a child who survived cancer.

Miles was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia, cancer of the white blood cells, at just 18 months old. After many years of treatment, Miles finally entered remission. He’d beaten this awful disease and had one simple wish, to be Batkid. Miles’ wish was heard around the world and became the most elaborate one ever granted by the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Miles and his family saw the Chief of Police’s appeal on the news and before he knew it, his wish was granted. He was transformed into Batkid and found himself saving the city with Batman by his side.

Here is the official Batkid video from Make-A-Wish foundation.


As crowds roared and cheered him on, Batkid travelled the city fighting crime, doing stunts and saving citizens, as his family travelled alongside in a Batmobile style Lamborghini, escorted by police.

Boys Batman Wish




They saved the damsels in distress from the train line, disabled bombs with just minutes to spare, stopped the Riddler’s dastardly plan to take over the banks and rescued the mascot. The final event sent the superhero duo on a car chase through the city, into the Penguins lair where they faced traps and obstacles before capturing the villain and handing him over to police. The city was safe again, all thanks to Batkid. By the end of the day, crowds had tripled to show support for Miles, the superhero, but the excitement didn’t quite end there. Miles received the key to the city from the grateful Mayor of San Francisco and received a video message from none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, thanking him for all his courageous efforts.


For thousands of ordinary people to come together to make one very special child’s wish come true is perhaps the most heartwarming story of the last few years. It really highlights the goodness within humanity we so often forget exists. Cancer is a struggle no one should face, let alone a child and thanks to the generosity and kindness of complete strangers Miles was able to take back some of the childhood he’d had taken away. A childhood most of us take for granted. I was able to pretend for weeks, months, years on end that I was a superhero, but Miles couldn’t do that, he was too busy fighting an actual, real life battle. Instead, he got to actually BE a superhero  just for one day and hopefully it was everything he’d ever wished for.



The story of Batkid was all over the news and you can relive this wonderful day with the documentary Batkid: A wish heard around the world, released later this year. It not only shows you all the clips from the day but interviews with friends and family, giving an insight into Miles’s battles before he became Batkid and just why he wanted to be a superhero. This fantastic story has generated all the right attention as Yahoo news have announced that a Hollywood adaptation of the story is in the works, potentially starring and being produced by Julia Roberts. It would be great to see a story of such humanity, unity and joy brought to the big screen and immortalised forever, I just hope it does the true story justice for this is the kind of thing we can tell future generations about to show them just how kind and selfless people can be.


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