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Bah humbug

Perhaps I am the only one, but I’m starting to get fed up with Christmas and it isn’t even December yet. It feels like Christmas should be tomorrow at the moment, with  food, decorations and presents being everywhere. No matter where you turn there is Christmas screaming at you. Now many will say that November is nearly over and soon it really will be Christmas but I’m not one of those to count down how many sleeps. However, having had everything stocked on the shelves, in so many different shops, for months, even before Halloween things came into play, it has sapped the fun straight out of Christmas.

It used to be, at least within my family, that once you saw the cola truck advert on the television it was the festive season. Then and only then could we accept that Christmas was just around the corner and we had to stock up like squirrels, storing things away. I, much to my mother’s horror, had to tell my family that the advert had appeared so it really was Christmas soon. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had seen that famous cola truck before it was even the end of October; after all I refused to admit it to myself at that point. To add further insult to injury, the cola advert was not the first Christmas assault. During the week of Halloween, when the television was supposed to be filled with things to make you scream and question every little bump in the night, my family found themselves surrounded by snow scenes and festive films.

Now most will say that seeing Christmas things in November, in the supermarkets and on the television, is perfectly fine, especially as there is, now, just over a week left in the month, but if only it was just this month- I would be ecstatic. To me it seems so very strange to advertise and showcase a holiday before others are out the way; Halloween seemed just a second thought to Christmas which was still two months away. Of course Halloween isn’t known as a big holiday like Christmas, but still!

I do not have my decorations up yet, neither have I thought about bringing them out from hiding and making sure that I won’t have to replace any of them. I truly don’t plan to at least until the first week of December. The people around me however, don’t seem to share the same thoughts on decorations. No sooner was Halloween evening over that Christmas decorations come out to light up the houses on my street. But before the homeowners could get their decorations out, the local town centres were already light up. Ready for the festivities before it was even the end of October.  When did it end up like this, to find summer is over and then Christmas is everywhere you look?

For certain things I can understand the need to prepare early, such as getting gifts. We all have that one person that runs around trying to get all their presents in one day at the last moment and let’s face it, it never goes well. We can start our gift shopping at any time of the year and simply store them away until the season comes around. Most people I know end up starting their gift shopping in the summer months; the days are longer and it is much nicer to go shopping in the warmth. However, to have the sweets, chocolate and biscuits along with so many other perishable Christmas foods to be bought months in advance is a waste, it will all end up out of date and clearly not its best when the main event comes calling. Unless you plan on eating all the perishable items in a couple of weeks from buying them there really is no need to buy them months and months in advance. Not only are you taking up kitchen space, but the quality and freshness of your food will start to deteriorate. Things like Christmas puddings and cakes, due to all the dried fruit and alcohol, you can buy in advance as they won’t get worse with time. So I do wonder, just how much food is wasted, not only buy customers but buy the supermarkets that start selling all their Christmas food three months in advance.

Just like everything in life there are two sides to every story and Christmas being brought into our year so early does have a good side, even if I have grown annoyed and fed up with seeing it all. Being able to see all the festive items on sale does bring a little excitement to the general public, especially the children. Seeing what the supermarkets are and might be selling as it gets closer to December, can help some people make decisions about what they are going to buy when the festive season really gets into full swing, saving time and panic.

Now please, do not think I am Mr scrooge in a female body, I truly do love Christmas. I still cannot sleep on Christmas eve due to excitement for the next day (I really can be a big kid), but, and it really is a big but, Christmas is in December not just as the summer ends, not before Halloween or at any other time, but in December. Please, for my sanity, it would be nice to have a breather between all the summer parties and late nights to having to worry about Christmas and all the financial worries that come with it.

Come December, I know my attitude will change. I will enjoy the Christmas music on the radio and flooding into the shops as I run around in the ever increasingly cold weather. I will end up marvelling at the decorations in the shopping centres and on other houses before trying my best to perfect my own. And of course I will be thrilled to know that I have bought all the presents for my loved ones and that I will get something from them in return. However, for now, I truly do just say:



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