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(Bad) Holiday Habits

Have you ever sat and watched people’s behaviour while they’re on holiday? It sounds creepy, but I do. I like to think I understand most peoples behaviour too, like a group of girls that stayed in the apartment next door last week had all clearly been hitting the sun-beds at least 2 months before they came here (I refuse to believe people are THAT tanned without some kind of enhancement). I understood why, because they didn’t want to look all pasty white on arrival, and they wanted to go back with a killer tan to show off on Facebook after some pre-drinks and a night out (as a lot of girls tend to do). As I say, I like to think I understand MOST people’s behaviour, but there are two things that we all see a lot of while on holiday, that I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

1 – Wandering around in public (and by this I mean, outside of the pool-area) wearing only a bikini, or a pair of shorts/speedos (for men of course, I’ve not seen a woman wandering around the shops with her tits out thus far..!). As I write this I can recall a Lee Evans sketch about holidays on his XL tour DVD, in that his point (like mine) is ‘You wouldn’t do that at home would you, wandering around ASDA in your underpants’. Can you imagine if someone did that at home? Just casually wandering around the high-street, nipping in and out of shops in a bikini. You can guarantee EVERYONE would be staring, and giving them a wide berth so as not to make eye-contact, and some nice person might even give them a blanket or something to cover themselves up with. Sounds mental at home, so why do it on holiday?

2 – Getting made-up for an evening even-though it’s the middle of the day. There is so much pressure on women to look good, and a holiday is no exception. We’ve all seen TONNES of magazines publishing the same things for years on end; how to get that perfect bikini body, the make-up you should wear while sunbathing, what outfits you should wear during the day/night etc etc. Does anyone actually listen to this shit? Only a few from what I’ve seen! Yesterday as I was stood outside the Spar waiting for my dad to buy a bread-stick (lunch on the beach), my mother and I noticed a family consisting of about 4 women and 3 children walking into the restaurant opposite who looked like they had worshipped the magazines and done everything they could to follow the advice. Faces full of make-up, the eldest woman looked more dolled-up than the girls on the counter at MAC, hair poker straight, all with blonde highlights apart from the teenager who had back-combed her hair after straightening it and dyed it a purpley-red colour. They wore flip-flops but with a wedge (and could barely walk in them with the pavements being uneven) and body-con maxi-dress things with different coloured stripes. Looking at them I just didn’t understand. When everyone else around them is in shorts and a t-shirt sweating cobs and slapping on the suncream, not caring what they look like, busy enjoying what’s around them…

I know I know, to each his own, but I just find it sad that people find the need to dress up in 34 degree heat. How can you be expected to wear suncream when wearing such nice clothes? Wouldn’t it ruin the make-up? I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just me failing as a woman, again! Or would someone care to enlighten me..?


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