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Back to School: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Last year at this time, whenever my little guy was approaching the start of kindergarten, I was filled with intense anxiety about letting go of him throughout the day. What would I do with all the free time? Will he flourish in the school atmosphere and thrive? Will he be able to handle all the school work?

Now, here we are a whole year later—and my how things have changed! My little man is approaching first grade, and mama needs her “me time” back! So as “back to school” nears, I’m feeling a hugely different mix of emotions and am ready for my assertive, curious, and rambunctious son to get back in the classroom and start first grade.

The Good

There are so many wonderful things about the school year! I absolutely love seeing what my son has been working on whenever I pick him up each day and watch how he has evolved to be more independent on a daily basis. I love watching his brain grow right before my very eyes—it’s magical!

Because he has his time to learn and grow as an individual—without me—I’m able to get all of my work done during a concentrated period of time—and sometimes actually get a run in! That’s magical, too!
Because of this time for me, whenever I see him, I’m able to focus on him and actually spend quality time doing quality things with my little guy.

The Bad

Sometimes I miss him! I really do! Because of my line of work, I get invited to a lot of NYC events—a lot of which are kid-friendly, and I feel lovely attending without my little guy. He is such a huge part of me and even though I do cherish and need that time to myself, I’m also torn when he’s not by my side. It’s almost as if I’m missing a piece of my heart.

But, everything happens for a reason, and this enables me to be a stronger person, better mom, and cherish those moments whenever we are together—no matter how mad he makes me some days!

The Ugly

The pure ugliness of back to school arises at the end of the day. Nope—I’m not talking about whenever my son gets picked up from school—that would be mean! I’m talking about what he brings home with him—homework!

I can’t possibly be the only mom in the world who absolutely hates this! I get it—they need to be able to retain the information that they learned in school that day so they are able to build on it the next day. But at the end of the day, that hassle is really on the parents. We must pull our wee ones away from their [finally] relaxing, out of school activity, round them up and get them to concentrate on these dreaded homework assignments. It’s torture!

I mean really—it doesn’t end up being homework for the kids, but homework for us! My husband and I end up trading homework duties on and off each and every night during the school year. Its mind numbing.

Do you have children starting school soon? We would love to hear about how you are feeling! Comment below!


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