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Back in Control

There are 5 principles that smart, busy women must adopt to be calm, confident and back in control.

Life is tough for women in the ultra-competitive, 24/7 world of technology that we live in today. We are constantly under-pressure, overworked and overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is a fact of  modern life and it’s not likely to change anytime soon either but that is the price we must pay for success isn’t it? No, success doesn’t have to come at a cost. Professional success is as much about mindset and belief as it is about qualifications and experience.  When you believe that stress is a natural result of the plate spinning that many professional women have to do then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We just accept it rather than take steps to move away from it.

The first thing I share with coaching clients are these 5 principles to be calm, confident and back in control:

1 | Take the spotlight off plate spinning and put it on self-care

Easier said than done maybe, pressure is a part of life, most of us can’t avoid it. You can however reduce overwhelm by taking regular time out to recharge your batteries. You need to take a few minutes out a couple of times a day to focus on your breathing which will reset the stress hormones. Then you need to plan in activities that you love and regular time off so you always have something to look forward to.  If you are thinking that you haven’t got time for any of those things then you are wrong. Not only will you be healthier as a result you will also be more product and creative after a break.

2 | Guilt is a wasted emotion

I know you know this already but I’m pretty sure you regularly experience guilt anyway. Next time you get that guilty feeling treat it as a signal. Ask yourself what is behind the guilt. If you have done something wrong or treated somebody badly, what could you do to rectify or at least learn from the situation? If however you feel guilty because you are a working mum or you don’t see as much of your parents or your partner as you would like then ask yourself better questions.

3 | Look at the bigger picture

When you catch yourself feeling like a failure because you got caught up at work and you were late picking the kids up (again) or you forgot it was your nephews birthday ask yourself “will it matter this time next week”  then forgive yourself.

4 | You get what you focus on

Do you focus on everything that you forget to do or didn’t do in the way you would like to do? If you are constantly thinking about the negatives in life then you get into a negative downward spiral of emotion, you aren’t being the best version of you so more things don’t happen the way you want them to. Focus on the things you have to be grateful for on the other hand and you will be in a happier more positive frame of mind, be the best version of you and therefore notice more positives in your life

5 | There is no failure only feedback

When something doesn’t go to plan you can either beat yourself up or you can look at what you can do differently next time. Successful people aren’t those who never ‘fail’ they are those who learn from every experience


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