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Summer fun vintage car

A baby comes with a 4×4 right?

Convinced that once we had a baby we would also need a bigger car I broached the subject with my husband, trying to get the point across that with all the baby’s things we would obviously need to invest in a larger vehicle. He was having none of it. I explained that the travel system alone would take up all of the boot space and then there is the nappy bag, car seat, high chair, rocker, baby bath etc…This came to an abrupt end when he pointed out that I wouldn’t have to pack the high chair, rocker and baby bath every time I went out. ‘But my cousin bought a 4×4 when she had a baby’ I tried, forgetting that he had already spoken to my cousin and her husband who had not so helpfully (but truthfully) pointed out that there wasn’t that much difference in the space department compared to their old car. “But think of how much more roomy and comfortable your uncles car is! We could have that if we traded up” I continued my rampage until my husband calmly pointed out that his uncles car was a Range Rover which would never even be within our grasp. “So an ordinary 4×4 is within our grasp?!” I try frantically but he has already left the room…


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