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The B. word …

A word. A word synonymous with an evil-minded woman. A word never used in a positive way, only used in a derogatory fashion. They most certainly are not, and further in this article; I would like you to realise the full meaning of this superficial word – a damaging word we are far too eager and casually throw around without considering the real significance of it.

This is no longer recognised for its literal and innocent meaning; a female dog but, a word abused and one viciously exploited over time. Does anyone fully understand, the figurative word?

Too many people have turned the proverbial corner into meanness and nastiness and are mistakenly referred to as one. A real one will not talk, jaunt, cajole, threaten, and rattle, etc. your cage. A real one will silently break it open, grab you and rattle you and give you what you deserve. Then walk away calmly. While you are left grappling for the remnants of your false bravado. Others talk and hope their words or actions change your mind. This type simply does. Without any fuss.

I write of; the real one but, in fact, there is no real one, only direct, honest, strong willed and determined women who show kindness at times, but, do something bad, and she will not hesitate to cut you down to size – and labelled in doing so with the B word. Fair? Nope.

I am a 43-year-old woman and have been in a few heated situations where I was able to witness them in action. I have encountered a real one a few times, my encounters I can count on one hand though but, they are memorable, and all I can say is I was grateful I was never their target. I watched and carefully listened from the sidelines, and witnessed the cut throat damage they are capable of inflicting with only a few choice words and what many fail to see, is they were enticed by another. Even a mere look will silence the trouble maker in an instant.

I remember these episodes and realise I never want to be on the wrong side of one. I will emerge as the loser, so will not even try. I admire them. Some are family moms but, most have climbed the corporate ladder and their tenacity, and downright “balls” have earned them the respect and admiration of their colleagues. They became leaders. Now, please understand you have the other side, the family woman, stay at home mom, she also possesses that silent, determined, loyal, nononsense spirit.

I have always found them to be friendly and polite but, I recognise the steel flowing in their veins and know, if I say or do something improper they will quickly correct me. Many see this scenario and walk away muttering, “What a b***ch!” Excuse me? No bitchiness there, merely someone talking honestly and forthright. Brutal honesty has a fine line, which can easily slip into pure nastiness if not controlled. They are not nasty, no.

They are direct women. Upfront, say what is on their mind — possess tact. They are not the types to lurk about behind closed doors, windows or behind a desk and throw out damaging words and actions. They are far above that. When in action, you meet her and hear what she has to say — directly, not through a third party. They are able to handle the consequences of their actions. They are aware of them. They are brave souls, not cowardly in any of their actions.

Their iron will, compassion and determination has led them into successful lives. I am not speaking purely of financial status here. They have and are succeeding in life; life has not beaten them down into the murky depths of depravity. I find myself in an environment now where the real meaning has gone astray. Too many causing a great noise followed by cowardly and totally ineffective actions, if any action at all. So therefore I become aware of another side of life, a better side of life. A life where the B. word is acknowledged but never spoken.

The real ones will never call themselves that. They do not have to. As I said before, They Do. Their actions speak for them. You will not know they are about in everyday, ordinary life. There may be one sitting right beside you, right now as you read this. You will never know – until you cross her 😉


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