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Art Is Everything

In the film The Dead Poets Society, John Keating (Played by Robin Williams, R.I.P) says something extremely powerful that really makes you think about the importance of art in our culture, he quotes that ‘The human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are all noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life but poetry, beauty, romance, love. These are what we stay alive for.’

Could you imagine a life without art, without words?  Could you imagine a world without passion or a world without a way to express ourselves? It’s unthinkable isn’t it? Yet society spends a lot of its time looking down on those who choose to be creative. I don’t understand it. Without artists, writers, actors and musicians, the world would be a miserable place.

Art brings beauty into our lives. Words can move us, images can inspire us and music can uplift us. But still. The arts are always pushed to the bottom of the pile. The government cuts money from the arts council on an annual basis and there is a constant debate about art being removed from the educational system. Why would they do that? Art needs to be in our lives and if drama, art and music classes are removed from schools then how do they expect to find a new generation of talent to keep the arts going?

Also, I have found that there are a lot of noses in the air when non-creative people talk to those who have decided to go down a creative path. Before I decided to go down this path of writing I had a passion for acting. I was convinced that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. All I wanted to do was to perform on a stage and make an audience happy. It brought me so much joy but it didn’t always go down well with those around me.

Instead of people celebrating my talent and encouraging me to go down a creative path, I was told to go and do something else. I was told that going into acting was a waste of time, most people don’t make it and I should find a safer career that would earn me a lot of money. Money, buy tamoxifen australia it’s always what people favour over passion. They didn’t understand that I was so passionate about acting that I didn’t care about any of that. My spirit was dampened as I was discouraged to follow my dream. Then I found a new dream.

The same thing happened when I told people I was doing a Creative Writing degree. The response I got was along the lines of… what are you doing that for? Another favourable one was, so you’re going to just write books for a living? Yes. Okay. I want to write. What is wrong with that? I hate those people. The ones that think they are so much better than I am because they decided to get a job in accounting or business or studied Maths at university.

They can say what they want but whenever they listen to a song on the radio or watch a film or read a book; they forget that behind each and every one of those is a person, an artist of some sort, whether that person is a writer, a musician or an actor – you should respect them. They all contribute to the world that you know and love.

Without the arts, life wouldn’t be the same. Human beings have always expressed themselves through art, writing and music and I have no doubts in my mind that art will stand the test of time. It states in The Dead Poets Society, ‘It’s what we stay alive for.’ Poetry is something that I have always loved because I feel strongly about words, when they are crafted in a certain way they can enlighten, inspire and make you feel alive.

I respect those who choose logic pursuits and I am thankful for those who decided to study medicine or law because we need those people but why is there still a negative attitude towards art?  Art is important. Art is everything. I believe that there is an artist within us all. It’s just some choose to follow their passions and others choose to oppress them. Art brings colour to our lives and without it the world would be black and white and that’s a world that wouldn’t be worth living in.


  • Emma says:

    I agree entirely Art is a way of validating ourselves or existing in our own space without compromising our sense of self or feeling ike we are alive in order to fulfill other peoples’ agendas.

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