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Are you de-valuing yourself?

Right now I am planning a very major life-change and it is triggering a lot of my fears and insecurities. The questions “Am I enough?” and “Will I make it?” keeps arising. Although through my healing work I have cleared many limiting beliefs and made real progress personally and professionally over the past few months, this pattern of de-valuing myself continue to show up.

How do you think you de-value yourself and your gifts? These patterns can show up in subtle and more extreme ways. Often the build-up of little patterns of lowering our value continue for some time, largely unnoticed, until a big event comes along to show us the truth.

I have been de-valuing myself in smaller and larger ways for most of my life. Giving away all of my services and healings for free, desperately seeking the approval of others, ignoring my needs, speaking to people about my dreams who I know are not trustworthy, taking jobs that pay well below my level of qualification, entering relationships with people who cannot give me what I want or need. The list goes deeper and is far longer but these are just a few examples.

I believe that the reason we de-value ourselves is because we don’t believe that we can both keep our standards high and get our needs met. We settle, we bow into fear, we give up all too easily and quickly and then we just moan about it!

Today I would like to propose another path. The path of empowerment and self-value.

I actually find it so terrifying to ask for what I need and want sometimes that I just try and push it down and bury it away, not believing that it’s truly possible. When I’m on this downward spiral I will collect a diary of all of the reasons why I will fail, why I’m not worthy and why everyone else is so much better than me. It’s bloody awful and certainly no fun! But it happens.

I know we’ve all been there. I used to live there, thankfully now these moments are more fleeting and I can talk myself out of it. Are you living there?

Here is the truth. No matter what you own, who your friends are, what your job is, how much money you have or don’t have, where you have been and what you have achieved, YOU are valuable. 1 million %.

I have been trying to love myself despite having very little material wealth or stability for the past six or seven months and it has been hard. It can feel shameful and embarrassing and sometimes downright hopeless. Trust me, I know. But what I learned and am still learning is that I will always deserve my own love. I need it from me first and then from others. Sometimes we get it backwards. Prove your love, prove your worthiness, get those around you to accept you and show you love and THEN you can show it to yourself. The only way out is in. We cannot hate ourselves happy, we must start, continue and end with self love. Some people may not like you when you dare to take the leap of stating your immeasurable worth and self-value, but that just makes room for those who are attracted to your new vibration to come to you!

I feel that many of us fear that we cannot survive if we dared to be our true, authentic selves, so we put on masks, dim our light and try to get people to approve of us and make us feel safe, but the backlash of doing that is you abandon your own truth. It’s not always the easiest path to be your authentic self and state what you’re worth, but it is so worth it, I promise and I’m still on this journey with you supporting you all the way.

I am tempted, every day, to knock down my price tag, to devalue myself and my work and to not allow others to give back to me, but I am getting better each day and shifting these patterns. Anything and everything you are experiencing in your life is here to teach you a deeper lesson. Your soul is geared for growth. Start to reframe and know that if you have a desire for your life to look a certain way, God has a way to make it happen.

Let’s stop de-valuing ourselves. Let’s see that what we bring to the world is needed and appreciated. Let’s begin by loving and appreciating ourselves first and foremost.

You owe it to you <3

Sending streams of Unconditional Love <3



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