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Are we ruining the spirit of Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching. Seriously, this year has flown by and  I remember my mum saying to me, “it will only get faster as you get older”. I’m now 21, at university, living away from family  and she couldn’t have been more right. Christmas will always be my most favourite time of the year as it holds so many precious childhood memories, which I now get to re-live through the eyes of my niece and nephew. However, by doing this it’s allowed me to see things differently and experience gift giving in a whole new way.

Year after year, my siblings and I have seen Christmas change as we age, despite our parents trying to keep the same family traditions alive; my mum, in particular, still expects us to go to bed early, after laying out food for Santa, of course. Last Christmas, my boyfriend and I travelled to my parents house on Christmas Eve and I remember how upset my mum got when my dad asked us all to help get the presents out of the loft and put them in the room, she hated every single minute of it and let’s just say she put her foot down when it came to filling the stockings.

This year, especially, I’ve noticed giving presents has changed, on a personal basis. My boyfriend has had his present since the beginning of December. Christmas Day hasn’t even arrived and I know my brother and sisters have already had and are using a few of their presents. Having spoken to a few of my friends, it’s also the case for them. I’m not saying this is an issue, it’s not… but do you think presents now are about choosing something you want, labelling it as a ‘Christmas present’, so it’s something you don’t need to buy and others can buy it for you? Or is it us trying to prolong the day by extending the festive gift giving?

Have you had an early Christmas present this year?



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