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An apple a day ..

… Keeps the doctor away! We are all rather familiar with this timeless Welsh proverb. This crispy, sweet and Oh-so-yummy fruit sits on the throne in the fruit kingdom. This edible gem is the most cultivated, consumed and of course most-popular fruit in the world! The ever so humble apple. Royalty. Who knew? Not merely “ a pretty face.” Its use is dearly underestimated. Years ago, their medicinal use was well known but, time has faded it somewhat.

They are great for the brain!
They improve neurological health by reducing the death of cells caused by oxidation and the inflammation of neurons. Prevent Dementia as well. They are protective! They protect the neurons against oxidative stress-induced neurotoxicity (mouthful!).  They reduce the risk of developing degenerative brain diseases e.g. Alzheimer’sdisease. This is good to know and seals the proverb; they reduce the risk of a stroke!
Ward of breast cancer! We are all aware fresh fruits and veggies are greatly beneficial to cancer patients. Were you aware this magical, unassuming fruit is rich in polyphenoliccompounds? – They provide consumers with more phenolics. These powerful nutrients protect the body against the effects of free radicals.
Reduces the risk of Diabetes, (I will now ensure I do this as Diabetes is prevalent in my family). Studies have shown, those who eat three apples per week, have a lower risk of developing Type2Diabetes than those who do not.
For people over 50 years, yes, ensure you eat one every day! Besides the other benefits I have mentioned, an apple a day can be as effective as Statins in preventing vascular deaths.
They also lower levels of badcholesterol (LDL). Studies have shown, eating one a day of this miracle fruit, reduce badcholesterol by 23%, and increase goodcholesterol by 4%!
So – this is no silly proverb. No oldwives’tale.  It was and should be remembered as factual!


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