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Another Frog Bites the Dust…

Another Frog Bites the Dust…

I went on that date. He picked me up and we drove out to Pomona and stopped for dinner. The ride out was okay. We conversed on a variety of subjects; so-so okay, I mean it was one of those conversations that starts, and then fizzles out. And then, you search for another topic to discuss. All the while I am looking at his fingernails and am screaming inside of my head OMG! It’s nothing that is more of a pet-peeve of mine than a man with long fingernails, YUK! And it becomes a challenge to pay attention to what he’s saying; then I force myself to stop looking in order to do just that. We finally arrive at the restaurant. And, then the almost painful act of participating in another round of conversation with this person, who is very blasé with his comments, actions, and body language begins again. Oh, and another thing that bugged me right off the bat; he was not even a gentleman as to opening the doors for me. It was as if he was too lazy. So, I’m saying to myself is he being a jerk, teaching me a lesson about (rudeness): you know the way I treated him the previous weekend. Either way, he was very matter of fact in his attitude.

And finally, we get to my house. He says that he wants to go out again so that we can learn more about each other. And, I say to myself, “if you had shown more enthusiasm and talked more, we would have learned a little of each other” already. Wow! And, here I was feeling guilty about putting him off. Now guess what, Ladies? The weekend arrives and there is not a second date. No call or text. So, as I was very curious, I text him to say hello and to ask how his weekend turned out and his response was “too hot and was at a relative’s house trying to stay cool with the A/C on”. I responded with a simple okay and that I did the same for my weekend. He says “well okay I’m going to go and get ready for work tomorrow”. My subsequent response was “same here”. And that’s that. Are you serious, this is what I allowed myself to be concerned about? All I can do is smile and say another frog bites the dust. But, it’s just as well seeing as how I wasn’t physically attracted to him in the first place. But, oh yeah, his braces were normal looking; he had ditched the blue ones. YAAYYY! for that at least.

On to the next person (frog); although he have yet to appear. I’m just saying tho… LOL!

Smile, Ladies, and until next time…..


  • Marie Guillen says:

    That is hilarious. I agree with you about the nails, yuck!!! He doesn’t sound like a gentleman to me. Ok, this one goes down as the rude, unattractive, lazy frog, with long nails. Lol

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