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Always Short… ExpoSE YOurSElF.

I do not want to wear make up of any sort because I would like to stay natural. My lips at most times can be Dark and Dry but I will not mask it. I may not have rosy cheeks but who said they are desirable? I have natural Dark brown Hair and I love it. My Eyebrows are not trimmed and they seem to scatter all around but they always complement my eyes. I do not mind my visible Mustache at least it is mine. I know my nose is cute. I get pimples and blackheads from time to time but I don’t pinch them or make a fuss about them. I am not tall but I am not short either. When I have smelly underarms, I get amused and I laugh at myself. It reminds me that I am Human. When I go out, It takes only a nice shower, some clothes, a comb and sometimes a mirror then I am ready to go. At Home, I wear only T-shirts and shorts and I am comfortable. When I go to sleep, I pray and think of the people I Love and cherish…those who mattered…and I am Happy… That is my Life… I have no Pretence. I stay Natural as much as I can..I Love the People who Love me… . Be Natural…Be ¬†Who you are…and then be Loved…



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