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When are you alone not enough?

However self-confident, mature and independent we may be, life has an ugly habit of throwing curveballs at us when we least expect them. Some of those curveballs can fly by, or merely scratch us, but some leave deep scars on our emotional bodies. There are also times when life itself seems too much to handle singlehandedly and we may wind up stuck in a rut. Tough times call for tough choices, and such decisions require sober thinking and unbiased assessment – and however affectionate and caring friends and family may be, they cannot always help. That is when a good life coach can help us break the vicious circle of negative feelings, habits, and thoughts. Do you really need expert guidance, or are you alone strong enough to get yourself out of the ditch?

1. You are not where you want to be

If you constantly feel that your life is out of your control and that you are always falling short of the mark, professional guidance can help. A life coach can help you define your objectives, find your true calling, empower you to pursue your dreams, plan the roadmap to success with you and support you on the path. Achieving goals and rising to the top is much easier if you have a reliable partner fighting in your corner, and that is precisely what an experienced life coach is.

2. You do not know where you are and where you should be

You do not have to be dissatisfied with your life as a whole to seek coaching assistance – you may just be stuck in a dead-end street and in need of an impartial opinion to set you back on track. A good life coach will ask you all the right coaching questions, present you with a detailed analysis of your current situation, and suggest potential steps to help you regain happiness, enthusiasm, or a sense of success. The life coach cannot walk the road for you, but they can assist you by providing unambiguous cues as to where you should be, which direction you should take and how to get to the finish line with minimal detours or delays.

3. You are afraid, overly self-critical, insecure, or unmotivated

You may not like your hair, figure, job, or home: passing dislikes are only normal. Still, if there are more things you dislike or loathe about your life than those you enjoy, it is time to consult a life coach. A professional sees you as a complex being with both light and dark sides, strengths and weaknesses, and their hints can be invaluable when fear, negative thoughts, self-criticism, or insecurity strike. A life coach can help you overcome anxiety, fears, lack of self-esteem, motivate you to pursue your goals or desires, and provide you with objective insight as to which aspects of your life and/or personality are admirable and which ones require serious thought and constructive action.

4. You want to step outside your comfort zone but lack the know-how

Personal growth comes at a price – and the price is waving goodbye to our comfort zone and venturing out into the unknown. You may be fresh out of a painful relationship, unfulfilling job, or a similar rough patch. The encounter with the world outside the safety net and all its potential pitfalls will go much easier if you have an experienced hand to help adjust your course and get the wind in your sails.

If you are a newbie at the gym, a fitness trainer will show you around and teach you how to tailor your workout and diet for optimal results. It is the same with life coaching; the bars of life are easier to handle with professional guidance, so a life coach may turn out to be your secret trump card to happier life and success in all its aspects.


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