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All is calm, all is bright

Celebrating Christmas each year with a tree and red and green gifts for all usually puts me in a festive mood.

Last year I found myself alone on this day and I had a difficult time. Of course I was missing friends and family, but there was more to my doldrums. You see, so many have lost sight of the origin of this holiday. Blessed Jesus was born on December 25th and I fought back tears as I watched the “HO HO HOs” of many glittery jubilees. I realise that not everyone has Christian beliefs and I realise that this holiday has become commercialised for most. Elves on shelves, huge inflated Santas on front lawns and stores fighting for our business reminds me of the time, not so long ago, when I was agnostic.

Don’t panic, I’m not a Catholic zealot…yet! I’m not going to rain psalms. Honestly though, is the sight of a crèche and the words to ‘Silent Night’ not more heartfelt than Rudolph and the Grinch? Closely imagine the Nativity; see the Christ Child in the arms of his mother as his father stands near. The brilliant star shines on the angels and on the Wise Men who have come from afar to worship this Holy One.

Yes, there is Christ in Christmas. Perhaps, just perhaps, the violence and the rage in our world are because we have forgotten that. Perhaps Godless people have turned toward self-centeredness and greed and power have overtaken peace. Christmas should be a reminder that all year long we do well by, “Peace on earth, good will towards man.” It isn’t quite that simple, although I pray that it could be. I know many atheists who are Christian-ish. I know of several who would debate with me that there isn’t a God…a heaven or a hell. Unfortunately, I will concede that I may lose that possibly heated discussion. God is in my heart and I find it trying to have to express that phenomenon.

Faith is believing in something you don’t understand. Must we always control all, even our understanding of the blessed Lord? I am pro-life and I recently wrote a piece on the horror in the sale of aborted fetal parts by Planned Parenthood. I certainly got my teeth kicked in! Comment after comment disagreed on my ideology and some were brutally unkind. I had only a few agree with me on this topic. God would not be pleased with this genocide. Yes, I did use that word.

Christ IS Christmas in my humble opinion. And He does not want us to kill one another in any form.

I have a dear friend who doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. She does not spend her pennies on holiday fares. She organises a food drive and a toy drive and sponsors a needy family. She finds that the people she reaches out to generously help these causes. Christmas should be in our souls year-round. The idea of loving one another REGARDLESS of an individual’s belief or lack thereof is something we all should contemplate each and every year. Let’s smile and say, “Thank you” to the clerks. Let’s help the elderly open doors and most importantly, let’s find sympathy for all who suffer.

“Silent night.

Holy night.

All is calm,

All is bright.

Round yon virgin, mother and child…

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Sleep in heavenly peace.”

Praying that you, my friends, have a blessed CHRISTmas! XO


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