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Advice for Young Women in the Workplace…

If you are a young woman that is just starting out in her career, you may be looking for some advice. While learning how the world works on your own can be fun and exciting, it is always helpful to get some feedback and direction from people that are more experienced than you are. If you are trying to build a particular career path, it can helpful to learn from someone how things work. This will help you to potentially advance in your career faster. Here are some tips that you should consider if you are a young woman in the workplace.

Figure Out What You Want

When you are just starting out, it may be easier to just focus on the tasks at hand because there is simply so much to do. However, you should always make sure to keep your ultimate career goals in mind. If your goal is just to get a bit of initial experience and then move on or you plan to build a long term career in your industry, figure that out now so that you can maximize your time to get the best learning experience possible from your current position.

Find Mentors

As a young person in the work place, it is always a good idea to get assistance from people who have been in your industry longer than you have. This can be done by joining industry organizations in order to network with other more senior professionals. You will gain a better outlook on your career and the industry.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

As a young woman that is just starting out in her career, don’t be afraid to take risks. While you should choose which risks to take wisely, the outcome of your decisions will present you with experiences that you will learn from. I know for a fact now, that had I not taken risks during the earliest parts of my career, I would have not met the people that have helped me to further my career more than I could have imagined.

Speak Up

Women are typically known in the workplace for holding back and letting others take the credit. I was guilty of this myself when I first started out in my career because of the fact that I was just a shy person in general. Not speaking up could mean that you are literally taking yourself out of the roster for consideration for promotions, special assignments and more. By speaking up, you establish your value in the work place. In addition, you will also feel more empowered to take calculated risks as your confidence in yourself grows.

When it comes to being young and in the workforce, things can seem to be a bit challenging and difficult to grasp. The key to making things go smoothly is not to go it alone. Get assistance from the the right people and you will begin to see your career flourish!


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