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Absent fathers don’t discriminate

Having read the recent article regarding Rebecca Ferguson’s (the Liverpool chick from X Factor) newborn baby and the father “bolting” as soon as he found out about the pregnancy, it made me realise that no-one is exempt from a situation like this.

The normal, everyday woman has to consistently deal with hurt, disappointment and embarrassment when the father of the baby disappears. It can be a very lonely and stressful time which leaves you feeling like a failure because you couldn’t ‘hang onto your man’. But the truth of the matter is that a large percentage of men do not mature like women and are certainly not ready for the responsibility life brings, such as children. What I don’t understand is why men think it’s ok to “make a life” but not take care of one! Don’t they ever stop to think how the child is doing, what they look like, how they are living or more to the point, how the mother is coping?

Do they not realise the financial and emotional strain children can have on a woman? The hours, blood, sweat and tears that go into ensuring a child is fed, clothed, loved and looked after. A woman can’t just pick herself up and go out when she feels like it, leaving her child wherever (actually she could but not if she wants Social Services involved), while not paying the bills, doing the food shopping etc. That precious life comes first, every time.

Rebecca is a beautiful, talented and well known woman with a rather large bank account to match. However, in spite of all of this her man still went looking for the grass which is meant to be greener! It just goes to prove whether you’re famous or average, pretty or plain, rich or poor, a man will have no problem leaving you holding the baby… literally!


  • Thank you Yolande for bringing these sad facts to light. In the USA (my neck of the woods) we see biological fathers RUNNING away as if their pants are on fire!
    I believe it takes a cold heart for anyone to reject a child. Of course, there can be extenuating circumstances…poverty, illness, etc. but there are so many loving, responsible people waiting to adopt…
    Raising a child as a single mom is quite a challenge.
    Really guys? Get it together!!

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