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A Master MUA….

How did you get started in your business?

I’m a freelance makeup artist. Makeup has always been a passion of mine from a really early age. All my friends have memories of makeup and me!

Have you studied a course or taken any qualifications for your chosen career?

I started out by doing friends and local peoples makeup for weddings or special accessions and in return I asked for them to recommend me if they liked their makeup. I then went on to work at Tracey bells as a Mua. I had makeup master class lessons by celeb Mua Wendy Campbell then went on to teach makeup too.

I went on to work for Christian Dior. I left on maternity leave, which is when I decided to work for myself. I had already made quite a good name for my self. I worked with photographers, built up a good portfolio and got my name about. I post a lot of work on Facebook and that helps a lot as people get to see my work for themselves. I do charity fashion shows, calendars etc to build a good name for myself and obviously because it’s for charity too.

Networking is the key and you have to be a good people person and have that bit sparkle about you


How have you balanced work-life/family and avoided burnout?

I juggle work and family just fine, as I’m freelance. I choose as to when and where I work. I do a lot of work from home, people come to me, it’s brilliant.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of making my family proud of me. When I went to Belgium to work as head Mua for the Amy Winehouse foundation, seeing the support I had from local people, friends and family was a very proud moment. Seeing my models walking out onto the catwalk knowing I had been apart of the whole brilliant experience, also a very proud moment

Is life turning out just how you planned it?

Life is turning out much better than I had planned!

What’s your ultimate vision?

My ultimate dream is to be a well known makeup artist. Known for being really good and passionate about makeup. I see every job like it could be my last so I put my heart and soul into every makeup I do, I just love what I do!!


Barbara Coney – MUA

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