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50 Years of The beach boys

September 2012. Wembley Arena, London.
It was the final night of the tour and it had been well documented that in the middle of The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour Mike Love and Bruce Johnston would no longer ever tour with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks again, but somehow they managed to set aside their differences and play a packed two and a half hour set with nearly 50 songs to boot. The music quite simply spoke for itself.

The atmosphere was incredible waiting to watch a once in a lifetime concert of one of the greatest bands ever. The band members were introduced one by one leaving Brian Wilson until the end which erupted the audience into a huge cheer for the genius that created The Beach Boys. Immediately the music starts. Da da dada da da dada, the only instrument playing, the drums to the famous beat of “Do It Again” with each instrument taking it in turn to join in with the uplifting beat and boy did it bring everyone to their feet.

Dancing the night away to songs that have entertained audiences from the 60’s through to present day, the hits just kept coming. The early days “Catch a Wave”, “Surfin’ Safari” and of course “Surfer Girl” performed by Brian singing lead was as always a treat to witness. The band came together to also perform songs from their latest released album “That’s Why God Made the Radio” singing the album title. The Beach Boys classics “Surfin’ http://www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ USA”, “Good Vibrations”, “Help Me, Rhonda”, “Kokomo” and “California Girls” performed in perfect harmony and the live band were superb from start to finish helping to really feel the music.

Two Beach Boys were missing that night as sadly Carl and Dennis Wilson have passed away but they certainly were not forgotten. A tribute was given to each with a short anecdote from the existing members reminiscing about the two brothers. “Forever” was then played with Dennis Wilson’s voice singing lead with the remaining band on stage playing the live music. This was then followed by Carl Wilson’s voice singing lead to the iconic “God Only Knows” as a montage of images were shown of the two with the band as the music played. The effect was like no other and many of the audience were left with tears in their eyes.

The band continued to impress with “Come Go With Me” singing acapella and hearing the pure voices harmonise brought back a vintage feel of what it was like back in 1961 when they couldn’t afford instruments to play the music but sure still could create it. It was magical to see and hear The Beach Boys still on form even in 2012. A night to remember.

Reminiscing about this awesome concert reminded me of the importance to “Add Some Music to your Day” as Brian Wilson once said. Music can be healing, uplifting and has the ability to calm the soul and I recommend adding some to your day.


  • Amy Tocknell says:

    The beach boys are my favourite band of all time. I saw them perform and saw Brian Wilson on his solo tour previously. Amazing stuff and I was in tears for the whole of both concerts! xx

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