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50 little things To appreciate

The meaning of life is to find happiness, however, we often overlook the little things in our life that already bring us happiness. You will probably find, if you dig deep enough, there are many things to be thankful for. Gratitude is something that we all have the ability to express but we probably don’t use it as much as we should. It’s so easy to focus on things that we don’t have and what we have yet to accomplish, but when you start to love what you have, you will find that you have everything you need. Start appreciating the small and significant things in your life and your attitude will change. Below are fifty little things in your life to appreciate, I bet you couldn’t imagine a life without them and I bet you could add even more to the list.

1. Health – Even if you don’t have perfect health, just be grateful for the health that you do have because there is always someone who is going through worse.

2. Family – No family is perfect but it’s better to be surrounded by people than to go through life alone.

3. Love – Love is one of the greatest pleasures in life. If you have love for someone, always tell him or her how you feel. Never stop loving other people and never stop loving yourself.

4. Friends – Friends are family that you choose. Always surround yourself with friends that care about you and will listen when you need someone to talk to.

5. Freedom – You are lucky to have the freedom that you have. Just think about. You can do anything you want to do with your life. The only restrictions in life are those that you set yourself.

6. Weekends – Everybody loves weekends. You anxiously wait for them because you know that you can spend time with your family, go out to a restaurant and relax before you have to start work again on Monday.

7. Pets – Life wouldn’t be the same with animals. There isn’t any other joy in the world that can replace the love that we have for our pets. So if you’re feeling sad, spend some time with your dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig. You will soon feel much better.

8. Education – If you live in a country that gives you the opportunity to learn then you are already more fortunate that you realise. Education is so important and it is a privilege to have the chance to study and become a better person.

9. Breathing – Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to even be alive. Take a deep breath. Feel the oxygen enter your lungs and be grateful that you are here and you are living.

10. Sleep – Sleep is another great pleasure in life. Even though it is essential for us to survive, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed at the end of a long day.

11. Books – Laying in bed, cracking open the spine of a new book, knowing that you can escape for a while and be in another person’s world. Reading books had to make this list because reading is something to appreciate.

12. Laughter – Could you imagine a world without laughter? Sometimes it’s nice to laugh out loud for no reason. Try it.

13. Sunshine – The sun can brighten even the darkest day.

14. Time – We take it for granted and we really shouldn’t, no one knows how much time they have to do what they want to do, if you want to do something, do it now. There is no time like the present.

15. Clean water – Another thing that people take for granted. There are many places on earth that still don’t have clean water and it’s a sad realisation that it’s still a big problem.

16. Technology – It’s easy to talk about how technology has shaped our lives in a negative way but technology has made life easier for us to communicate, learn and be entertained.

17. Art – There would be no beauty in the world without art.

18. Holidays – Exploring a new country or lying on a beach with golden sand, everybody loves a holiday. There are so many amazing places in the world to visit.

19. Rainbows – There is nothing quite as beautiful as a rainbow.

20. Singing – Even if you can’t even hold a note, it doesn’t matter. Singing your favourite song out loud is a great feeling.

21. Hot showers/baths – There is nothing like having a hot shower in the morning or getting into a hot bath on a winter’s day.

22. Electricity – A necessity of modern life.

23. Hugs – Hugs can make everything better.

24. Chocolate – One of the best treats to have.

25. A cup of tea – I’ve only just recently started drinking tea and now I know why people like drinking it. Relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book is a perfect way to relax.

26. Having a home – This is something that we do take for granted. We sympathise when we pass a homeless person on the street but many of us will never know what it feels like to have no place to call home.

27. Music – Music is one of life’s biggest pleasures, the world would fall silent without music. Music brings out our emotions and lifts our spirits.

28. Senses – You get to hear the sound of rain trickling down a window, you can say whatever you want to say and people will listen, you can smell beautiful flowers in your garden, you can see the colours of life and you can taste the sweetness of strawberries. Never take for granted that you have all five senses to explore the world with.

29. Snow – A fresh blanket of snow makes winter even more beautiful than it already is.

30. The Earth – Our planet is amazing and humans really need to start taking care of it, it’s the only home we are ever going to have.

31. Transport – For making it easier to get to where you want to go. You can get on a plane and travel to the other side of the world, how amazing is that?

32. Food – We have a varied selection of food at our fingertips, we can eat without working hard, which is something our ancestors couldn’t do.

33. Clothes – Not only do we have the privilege of having clothes on our back, we have the privilege of choice.

34. Nature – Going for a walk outside. Nothing beats it.

35. Films – You can watch anything you want. There is a film out there for everyone to enjoy and films are always being made.

36. Dreams – You can dream impossible things and still have the strength to turn the impossible into possible.

37. Children – They just make the world a better place.

38. Stars – Be grateful for the stars that light up the night sky. Looking at the infinite amount of stars makes you feel happy to be alive.

39. Intelligence – Some of the greatest minds have created things that we use every single day. Every single person on this planet has been a product of someone else’s intelligence.

40. Words – Could you imagine a world without language? Words are important. Words can change the world. Think of all of the different languages in the world that have evolved over time. It’s amazing isn’t it?

41. Magic – Some people believe that magic doesn’t exist but isn’t life itself magic? Is it not magic that you are here right now and reading this article? There are so many different types of magic and I believe that being alive is one of them.

42. Sex – Another necessity of life, but an enjoyable one.

43. Seasons – The way that spring turns to summer and autumn to winter. Nature is amazing.

44. Change – You have freedom to change. You can change your life, change yourself, change your surroundings and change the direction of your dreams. The world is constantly changing and you are always going to change. Be thankful for change.

45. Jobs – Having a job means that you have a purpose and without jobs, the world wouldn’t work. You may not like your job very much but someone out there is looking for a job, so that they can find purpose in their life. Don’t take having a job for granted.

46. Beauty – You are surrounded by it. Really look at everything and everyone around you. We are all beautiful and the world that we live in is beautiful.

47. Science – Without science, a lot of things would have been left undiscovered and we wouldn’t know a lot of about the world that we live in.

48. Trees – We should really appreciate trees more. They produce oxygen and without trees, we wouldn’t be here.

49. Sky – Always look up at the sky when you feel lost. Watching the clouds drifting by and the sky changing from blue to black gives you a perspective of how lucky you really are.

50. Life – Start appreciating your life. Love the little things and start smiling more because life is amazing :)

Comment below with the little things in life that you appreciate.


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