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5 tips to stop your long term relationship going stale

Spend time alone together

And I don’t mean an exhausted half an hour in front of the TV before you crash. If you’ve been with your partner a long time, you can forget to set aside time to do nothing but talk and enjoy each other’s company. Talk about future dreams, make each other laugh and reminisce. Don’t talk about anything necessary like bills that need paying or money that needs saving, save that for later! Take some time to appreciate your partner’s personality.

Never forget about the little things

When people first get into a relationship, they usually take great care to keep their partners happy. Does your partner hate wet towels on the floor? Do they love flowers or wine? People often feel underappreciated when their partners forget about the little things. It works both ways of course; going out for a quiet drink or a bunch of flowers could make your partner’s day, and make them feel hugely valued.

Go out with mutual friends

If you and your partner are sat inside often, you can find yourself bored of each other’s company and with little to talk about. Always see your own friends too, of course, but it is great to go out with your partner and the friends you share. It can give you something new to talk about and ensures you get the chance to talk about fun, trivial stuff with people you both love.

Physical contact

Often in a long term relationship, physical contact decreases as time goes on. I’m not talking sex; it is important to just cuddle sometimes. Holding hands, kissing them when you say goodbye – all of these things can make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

And finally… Don’t become the same person!

Often, when you start a relationship, hobbies can get washed away in the excitement of spending time with your partner. However I think hobbies are great for long term relationships; it gives you time alone, the chance to do something fun alone and something to talk about with your partner. Keep your interests alive!


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