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 Yesterday, I gave guidance to a friend as she put together her resume. This is the fourth person I have aided in as many weeks.

All four women have jobs, yet are finding that their pay hasn’t kept up with inflation or that their rentals have increased substantially. Failing in both categories myself, I can’t help but wonder why such bright, diligent and competent ladies are all living from paycheck to paycheck.

Three of the four of us are single. Divorce found us not sharing bills such as housing or electricity. Out of this small group, there are also single mothers. Child-rearing seems to be increasingly expensive as kids just seem to be unable or unwilling to do without the popular sneakers, jackets or technological devices (I am the eldest lady and have a most difficult time comprehending that phenomenon. When my mother said, “No!” there was no ensuing argument. My father often spouted this quote, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”) The, ‘ME, ME’ generation is in full force. It appears that some moms are rather fearful when it comes to setting financial limits.

My constant angst over money seems disproportionally taxing… (pun intended!). I awake each day with a sense of dread that my small budget will be challenged. Will my car need servicing? Will my cat need to visit the veterinarian? And, how Dear Lord how am I EVER going to afford retirement? I have one friend that jokingly talks about changing her name to Cinnamon and becoming a ‘lady of the evening’. That is a very sad joke indeed.

As it is said, “Money makes the world go around’. Obviously, this is not new, yet more and more ‘middle class’ woman are finding themselves falling a notch to ‘lower class’. My one dear friend is due to have her power shut off tomorrow. Here, in the dead of a cold nolvadex for purchase winter, is a hard working mom that will be without electricity. I helped in the only way that came to mind; I gave her a piece of jewellry to sell. Yes, I could have also used that cash, but she is in dire straits.

It is frightening that I can’t see an end in sight for any of us. Obtaining jobs with better pay will help, but not in the long run. The cost of milk, medication, gasoline and education are a few examples of things that will undoubtedly continue to increase at an alarming rate.

We live in a particularly expensive area of the United States. My salvation may come in the form of moving southward where one can get a bit more for your dollar. Oh, I don’t want to leave my support network, nor do I relish the possibility of living in an unsafe neighbourhood.

Am I whining? Am I feeling a bit sorry for myself? I must answer “yes and yes”. Losing control is never a good feeling. I have lost control over my future and I hate that. There are days when I feel like a complete failure.

Of course, having loads of money does not equal contentment. I read about our actors, sports heroes and those of fame and fortune who commit suicide, become addicts or have violent outbursts. Perhaps solace is a state of mind, regardless of the contents in one’s wallet.

I’m going to give that some thought. First however, I need to sew a rip in my coat and pay my health insurance premium.

I wonder if I will be helping yet another friend sell herself in a resume today.


“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.” ~Cree Indian Proverb


  • Amanda McCusker says:

    I think the”like” accolade is not always appropriate. There needs to be a new category “sad but so true” maybe? The adage “money is not important unless you don’t have enough” certainly seems to resonate.

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