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10 Women You Need To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is now a household name with over 240 million active Twitter users. Wow.

Twitter is growing and growing across all demographics. It’s no longer the home of middle-class professionals. It’s being embraced by everyone. I personally love it. Do you tweet regularly? I didn’t at first, but as I now use Twitter as a free marketing tool for my business, I try to tweet daily and with a bit of personality in each tweet. So far, fairly successfully, with a few commissions coming my way purely due to connecting on Twitter.

Whether you’re a Maestro or a complete beginner, here’s my list of 10 amazing women that you need to follow on Twitter:

1. Joanna Goddard (@joannagoddard)

Joanna is a writer and her blog is just fantastic. She’s stylish, funny, and informative and is right where it’s at for any 30-somethings out there who are trying to keep their heads above water when juggling kids, partners and work. Her tweets are the right mix of humour, interesting articles and personal insights. Love her.

2. Francesca Martinez (@chessmartinez)

Francesca is a British writer and comedian. Those of us of a certain age might remember her from Grange Hill. She has Cerebral Palsy and often draws on her experiences for her inspiration. A recently published author, her tweets are informative and often funny.

3. Clare Balding (@clarebalding)

Clare is a household name thanks to her talent as a BBC broadcaster and journalist. As you would expect, her tweets are warm, interesting and enlightening. Her recent tweets on the Commonwealth Games were fun and entertaining. She’s not afraid to hold back her personality or share cute animal pictures. Have a look at her account. I challenge you not to get a tear in your eye looking at those baby pandas!

4. Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran)

My favourite journalist. She is my girl crush. Funny, likeable and the sort of woman you’d love to be best mates with. Get more of the same from her Twitter feed.

5. Carrie Anne Philbin (@MissPhilbin)

Carrie Anne is an educator and technological ground breaker. She’s a qualified teacher and is “on a mission to make computing epic for teens everywhere” A real role model for today’s teenage girls. For any trivia fans, her mother is Maggie Philbin of Tomorrow’s World fame.

6. Katy Perry @katyperry.

Katy’s account is the most popular account on Twitter with currently over 55 million followers. Her music might not be your thing but her account is really entertaining. Yes, it’s unlikely that it’s her actually tweeting all of the time but hey, still worth a look. After all, you don’t get 55 million followers for no reason.

7. Maria Popova (@brainpicker)

Maria’s regularly updated account is full of interesting features. She’s a well-established American writer and calls herself an “ interestingness hunter-gatherer” She’s well worth following. I find her tweets fascinating and they can be on almost any subject. Just great.

8. Camilla Coelho (@MakeUpByCamilla)

Camilla is a fashion and beauty blogger with over 2 million YouTube viewers. Follow her for regular tips and videos that will keep you in the loop of everything fashionable.

9. Gizzi Erskine (@GizziErskine)

Gizzi is a Chef and Food Writer who you might recognise from the TV. Follow her for food obviously, but she’s also entertaining and very likeable.

10. Women Make Waves (@womenmakewaves)

Ok, so this is cheating a bit but following the WMW twitter account is a great way to stay up-to-date with the new features and the latest news. Regularly updated, I find this the best way to keep my eye on what’s new on the website.

Feel free to comment and suggest your own favourite Twitter accounts. You can also find me @bennolikes.


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