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0 to 10k?!

At the beginning of each year I set out a list of goals I would like to achieve by the end of the year. This year I decided to run a race for charity. I wanted to do something to raise money and awareness for two charities, the Alzheimers Society and the Amyloidosis Research Fund in memory of my Grandparents.

Late last year, having bought a new pair of trainers I embarked on my running journey. I had never even been out for a run but decided to commit and so I began researching running for beginners on the internet and came across the 0 to 5k programme, this seemed perfect for me. I am fairly fit but as I said never been for a run. This programme starts you off from the very beginning and is a mixture of running and walking intervals, 3 or 4 times a week. I completed this programme and decided it had gone well so I began to look for races in my area.

There was a race for the 2nd March but it was a 10k rather than a 5k. I decided to push myself even further and go for it and so I signed up and began training for a 10k. The training was a mixture of ups and downs but I had signed up and quitting just wasn’t an option. I was feeling good about the race and could now run 10k in 60 minutes, which seemed crazy to me considering a few months earlier I hadn’t even been for a run.

Race day finally came. The day was awful, talk about the great British weather, it was pouring down with rain and howling winds but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. I had a lot of Good Luck messages and I knew that I was going to finish no matter what. When I signed up for the race I thought I knew the course as I had walked around the park several times and thought it would be a great first race to complete, however, the course wasn’t around the paths, it was in the ditches and through the woods. I had absolutely no experience of trail running and hadn’t planned on going through a ‘Tough Mudder’ type race. But, I was here to do a job and complete the race in memory of my Grandparents.

The race started and I felt like I was running with a pack of wild animals, people were charging through and I felt as though I was being buy genox tamoxifen pushed along. I had read about race tactics and techniques and knew that going out too hard would hinder me at the end of the race. I decided to move over to the side, start jogging rather than running to let a few people overtake me so that I could get back to my running pace. I know many people can get disheartened when people overtake but I knew I was doing the right thing for me. I continued to go slower when someone further back saw what I was doing and came over to me. She was really friendly and asked if this was my first race, I was a little embarrassed thinking was it that obvious but in the end I didn’t mind because as I found out she was in the same boat as me. The strangest thing happened we started this race as complete strangers but ended up supporting each other around the course.

At around the 5k mark, the course was becoming too dangerous to run. We had passed people being driven away in an ambulance and along the way had seen a women in tears with her ankle facing the wrong way. The marshals around the course had started to say we have to run around the sections of the course rather than through them, increasing the distance of the race. Towards the end of the race we found another fellow runner that joined us in our quest to finish in one piece. By this time I had forgotten about the time I was aiming for and focused on just finishing the race.

The 9k mark seemed to take forever to get to but eventually and as a team we made it. The marshal informed us that we were going to have to go around the section. The hill was so steep and muddy as I was running up it I was slipping back down it, finally I scrambled up the hill and saw the finish line. As we made it over the hill exhausted and covered in mud I saw my family, cheering me on to finish, that support made my feet somehow speed up and I finally crossed the finish line. I was really proud to finish the race and although I had originally aimed for a time of 60 minutes, I was still proud to finish with a time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The aim of the race was to raise money and awareness for the charities and my Grandparents.


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